Sat, Oct 31, 2020
Equiped with the right
Equiped with the right
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Equiped with the right
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SEALANE SHIPPING COMPANY LIMITED is a household name in Ghanaian cargo-handling circles, due to their reliability and efficiency in delivering good services, to their clients in both the Tema and Takoradi ports.

It is managed by experienced hands and an all-round staff with the technical know-how, on their various fields of operation. That has culminated in the company being able to deliver cargo, virtually from :”ship to your door-stop”

Our experienced team handles your : - Port Agency, Ship Chandelling, Freight Forwarding,Warehousing, Consolidation, Bulk/Breakbulk Cargo Brokerage, backed by efficient Haulage Services to facilitate movement of cargo, to the destination of our client's choice.

Contact us either on telephone, fax or email which are on line 24 hours for all your business enquiries.

Our office is strategically located, just 5 minutes drive from the Tema port in the Tema International Hotel building, off the Tema General Hospital highway, in community 6, Tema.