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Sealane Shipping Services

Sealane Shipping offers services in cargo handling and port agency with the strong geared personnel to accomplish task in a minimum time frame. We have offered the underlisted services for the past 6 years to companies and organizations such as OLAM, ELAND and CFAO. Our experienced team has expertise in the areas of:

  • Ship Agency: we offer full port agency for both cargo and passenger vessel services to the maritime trade includes husbandry, stevedoring, tally and supercargo agents to the liner and tramp shipping trades. Crew changes, transport, medical assistance and assistance with visas and travel arrangements are routinely arranged. We have efficiently handled these for major importers with no blemishes. 
  • Ship Chandlers: Sealane Shipping often arranges on behalf of ships to ship spares, food items and supplies for vessel and crew use when the need arises.

  • Bunkering: we also arrange for diesel, water and fuel needs with creditable supplies to ships to bunker alongside and offshore to enable ships travel to their destination.

  • Clearing (import): we are able to clear for individuals and organizations of any size for the Ghanaian market or to transit to neighbouring countries. The items that we clear ranges from small items to all sizes of items as the items are either household items, raw materials or any goods in commercial quantities. Security of your goods during the clearing procedures is at its best as we also a customs registered house agent.

  • Freight forwarding (export): we do facilitate the exportation of goods and commodities to neighbouring countries and overseas countries. We are able to satisfy any transport requirements as we use our haulage trucks to cart containers to the port from any source in Ghana. Our in depth knowledge of customs and procedures ensures a seamless, hassle free service. Temporary storage and warehousing as well as bonded warehousing can be arranged on request.
  • Ship and Cargo Brokering: with our extensive links in the international shipping industry and excellent services in Ship/Cargo Handling, Sealane is the best to talk to when you need a Ship or Cargo Broker. We guarantee safe and fast delivery of your goods to any part of the Globe.

  • Haulage: our logistical ability has been improved by the purchase of 3 single axle articulated trucks with long trailers for the carting of all types of containers to various destinations for our clients. We also rent them out to other shipping companies when they are idle.

    Customer satisfaction is our goal because we believe our clients are the prime factors of our growth. The above are the major sectors that we strive in for all your shipping needs. Our goal is to continue to be definitive and innovative in the industry. Customer involvement and needs are the driving force behind Sealane's innovations and business plans.